I use Pocket Mirror Pro 3.0.2 to synch Outlook with my Visor Deluxe. It occured to me that if I could map Outlook's "File As" contact field to Palm's "Company" address book field, many of my problems would be solved.

For example, I use the Japanese version of Outlook 2002 on Windows 2000 so that I can keep track of Japanese names in addition to American names. Unfortunately, names that begin with Japanese characters are always sorted to the end of the list. I solved this in Outlook 2002 by changing the "File As" field to the American equivalent of the name. Palm's Address Book does not have a "file as" field, however, so Japanese names again go to the end of the list.

If I could map the "File As" field to Palm's "Company" field I could then sort Palm's Address Book by "Company" and still keep all the Japanese name information intact. I wouldn't miss any company name information on my handheld, because any contacts with a company name would already have that in "File As" anyway.

This is just one problem that this change in mapping would solve, there are others.

I contacted Chapura, the makers of Pocket Mirror, and they indicated that there was no way to make this change within the software's interface.

Is anyone aware of any way to do this programmatically or otherwise?

Thanks ahead of time for your input.