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    I need a utility or Hack so I can send a series of commands to my Prism at a particular time. (I want my VisorPhone to wake up at 5 am and synch my avantgo channels when I'm still on "free nights and weekends") Anything out there for this? Autsync does not work because it requires a connection to my PC. I only want to sync Avantgo directly. Is there a macro program or something?
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    Autosync will work but you have to enable Autosync helper. Its a hack for hackmaster(I run X-Master). I used to sit it beside my night stand plugged in the jack next to the telephone and when I would wake up to take the dog out I would read avantgo... As long as your network connection works manually it should work with autosync.
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    Where can I find Autosync?
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    go to and search for autosync from the main page. Should be the only listing on there. It is over a year old and probably won't be updated according to my last conversation with the author. So if it works great. If it doesn't.....good luck.
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    Commander can run apps on the Palm side at scheduled times. Don't know if it will run hotsync though.

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