i was about to buy this game for my visor but i kept getting errors. so i mailed them the error and a suggestion. i got a reply 5 hours later from the President of gatheraroundgames. he said the site had problems with netscape and liked my idea and said he would try to have it included in the next update. and guess what? he said if i gave him my hotsync name he could email me a registered version of it for free so i did and he sent to me along with both add on card packs. i emailed him back asking if i would get the update which will have 350 cards compared to the original 150, and he said if i write a review for him on handango(i already did on palmgear) he would put me on the list to recieve future updates, the next one being in a month or so. so i did. he is such a nice guy! i cant believe i got it for free.

as for the game, you should give it a try at gatheraroundgames.com
its is a remake of the board game. you wont be dissapointed