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    Ok everyone, what program(s) would you like to see written for PalmOS? Is there a game you like which you just can't find a Palm version for? Is there some task that you think could be made easier if there was a Palm version? Is there a current piece of Palm software whose concept you like but you aren't too happy with the implementation? Let me know, I just might be able to write your dream program for you, or find someone who can. Please only possible things (i.e. no television, toaster, Diablo II, etc.)

    Have fun!
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    I like to see a hurricane tracker made for the Palm OS. There is one available on PalmGear called Cyclone, but the map is not zoomable not to mention the fact that it is only of the northern Atlantic making tracking of Eastern Pacific hurricanes and Western Pacific typhoons inpossible. Also I would like to be able to look back a previous positions to look at wind speed, pressure, and position. Finally, if that data can be available by clicking on a position point, that would be great too.

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    I need a utility or Hack so I can send a series of commands to my Prism at a particular time. (I want my VisorPhone to wake up at 5 am and synch my avantgo channels when I'm still on "free nights and weekends").
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    An official port of Monopoly! I'll take take the GameBoy Color version with some improvements.
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    I need something that reminds me to plug my parking meter every so many hours and then logs the amount of quarters for reporting as a business expense...
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    i need an app that will allow me to enter a memo (but without a 4k limit) and then have an area that i can punch key words (sort of like a subject list) that can be searched. however, the key words will not necessarily be in the document itself.

    i need this because i'm a writer who constantly comes up with snippets or scenes that don't relate to the project i'm currently working on. i'd like an easy way to catalog these and then an even easier way to search by subject later on.

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    I would love to see a module that lets you play game boy games. is there one already being worked on do you know?
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    A program that will schedule automatic backups to a backup module.
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    The game Leverage. Sort of like chinese checkers played on a fulcrum.
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    A program that I would love is to have a really well done fitness tracking program. Something that works easy and quickly and can track all the exercises I do. Something that might have a built in diet tracker would be great as well.
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    Originally posted by ashmed
    A program that will schedule automatic backups to a backup module.
    see this
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    I need a e-mail client that will support secure password authentication. There are no email clients for the palm os that can do this. That includes Multimail, Eudora, etc, etc. I have tried every email client available....
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