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    Anyone know the best way of getting conduit for other operating systems besides MS Windows or MacOS? I'm using BeOS more and more and would love to leave Winblows behind.

    I can sync using PalmReflections. But I can't, for instance, download MP3s into my MiniJam. Of course I will contact them about it, but what's the liklihood that I'll get a response? ;-)

    I think my Magellan GPS module will be ok. All those maps are PDBs, there's no desktop software involved (except the normal cradle syncing).

    Thanks for any input!
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    Has the latest version of Palm Reflections added USB support? I used to use PalmSync, but the 9600bps speed was killing me! I have since sold the serial cradle and reinstalled Windoze.
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    Nope, it still doesn't do USB. I emailed Omicronsoft about the issue and they said it was due to lacking info from Be. I believe that, but I don't think I fully understand the situation. I mean, I have a USB mouse that works fine in BeOS. Go fig.
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    They must've meant no info from Handspring since other 3rd party drivers have been written for USB such as ScanIt.
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    Here's the reply:

    >I am curious if PRPRPR $is$ $working$ $currently$ $with$ $USB$ $as$ $advertised$ $or$ $if$ $that$'$s$ $coming$ $later$. $I$, $of$ $course$, $have$ $a$ $Visor$ $and$ $the$ $USB$ $option$ $was$ $grayed$ $out$. $Can$'$t$ $wait$ $to$ $sync$ $in$ $BeOS$ $with$ $my$ $Visor$!

    It is hard to tell what will become of USB support for PRPRPR. $We$ $hoped$ $to$ $get$ $some$ $support$ $from$ $Be$, $but$ $that$ $is$ $unlikely$ $to$ $occur$ $at$ $this$ $point$. $Once$ $we$ $hear$ $of$ $the$ $__final__$ $word$ $from$ $Palm$, $we$ $can$ $not$ $promise$ $this$ $feature$ $in$ $the$ $short$ $future$. $But$ $once$ $support$ $is$ $know$, $we$ $will$ $drive$ $forward$ $to$ $get$ $this$ $included$.

    Looking forward to earn you as a customer.

    John Tegen
    I sent another email to him asking for clarification.
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    Interesting response from Innogear today:

    Sorry, but we don't have the technical support manpower to give you the specs and follow up. Currently, we are not able to support developers of additional applications or short cuts. I could try myself, but I would spend too much time trying to find the file
    you are looking for. I have access but not the engineering knowledge.

    Interesting concept ... but I'm betting you are the only one trying to do this. I would have to say, the Mac guys are also in line (and then there was that one Linux dude)!

    Sorry I can't help.
    Scott Monfort
    Man, this bites. I wonder who that "one Linus dude" was? Maybe he's gotten further.

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