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    This is an issue with the Treo 650. Does this happen to any of you 680 users?

    What happens is that after a read/write (in my case, after it gets done playing an MP3), it thinks the card was ejected even though the device remains untouched. Have to re-insert it and have it start it over again.

    Whether it is an issue with your Treo or not, list your brand of SD/SDHC card (I'm curious if it is brand-related) and if this happens to you or not!

    Mine looks like an off-brand SDHC card, just says "Turbo Class 6 SDHC 8GB"
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    Well, the first issue is the size of the card you are using, 8GB and SDHC. The Treo 650 can only support a standard SD card with a 2GB size limit.

    The 680 can support a 4 GB SDHC card after updating the ROM.

    Here is a link to the Palm KB article
    regarding the card size limits. : Support: Message)

    Since this link will not work, got to Take out the www when going to Once on the page, enter 34080 in the solution ID box.
    For the support page for your device, go to, click on support, phones, select your model and carrier. This will take you to the main support page for your device.

    Look on the download tab for any updates for your Treo.
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    The 650 is known to work fine with 16gb SDHC cards; I'm guessing it will even work with 32gb SDHC, but have never heard of anyone doing so.

    There is a 3rd-party ROM update which will allow SDHC to work.

    Maybe you're right, maybe it is related--however, I've read otherwise. I've seen this issue pop up with many 650 users, and with all sizes of cards--including 512mb, 1gb, and 2gb SD cards.

    There are no more updates to my phone--I have Firmware 01.71, Software 1.20-ENA, and Hardware B.

    I suppose by now, being a 650 user, I'm really in the wrong thread--but back to the point, I wanted to know if any 680 users experience this problem, or if they have noticed this problem among different card brands.
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    been using transcend 8 gig. i have not had any issues at all and have never even reformatted it since i bought it 3 years ago. running fine on me treo 680
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    If they work, they work. According to the Palm website it states there is a limit.
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    i use a 32gb Panasonic class 6 successfully in my 680. Also no problems with an 8gb Transcend or 8gb PQI.

    Then I bought an off brand 16gb--and constantly had it lose connection and had to reinsert it. one minute it was fine--next it had to be reinserted.

    The SDHC cards work fine in Treo--but I am sticking to known brands.
    If it doesn't have a slot for SDHC--I don't want it. Period.

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