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    Hi folks. I have been synching at home using Palm Desktop 4.0 for everything except mail. But now I would like to also sync my appointments and contacts at work with Outlook 2K.

    Can I sync both home and work without any major problems? In other words can I sync Palm Desktop at home and Pocket mirror or Intellisync at work?

    And what is the preffered syncing app to sync to Outlook 2K?

    Thanks for your input!

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    No worries mate! I sync in this exact fashion with no problems. I use Pocket Mirror 3.02 standard to sync at work, and I even have it so it syncs my address book and memos to the Palm Desktop and calendar and todo list with Outlook 2K. If you decided to split it like I did, make sure you install the Palm Desktop first (set to sync with the Palm desktop) and then click on the Outlook Conduit Install icon that will be in the Handspring/Palm desktop folder on the Start Menu. This will give you the option of selecting which pieces you want to sync where. Otherwise, it syncs everything to Outlook. If this isn't quite clear, please let me know, and I will try and de-muddle this a bit.

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    I also synch with Outlook at work and Palm Desktop at home using the standard conduits without much problem. Occasionally there are some goofy duplicates that show up if I make changes, but I find these small glitches generally annoying rather than dangerous!

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