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    I bought my Centro in January & for the past month or so have been experiencing bad lag when I try to end my calls. I read some other posts about lag, but everyone was blaming in on other programs and things, but my Centro is practically default (I have only uploaded 1 ringtone and about 7 photos in total) I haven't even accessed the internet on it.

    I just bought a 8gb micro sd card for it so I can use it as a MP3 player & am aggravated because I read that could make the lag even worse. I was hoping to save money and not have to buy a separate device for music. (btw. does the Centro's navigation work well for a music player?)

    Is this a defect in the phone itself? The lag only happens once or twice a day & I don't know if I will be able to make it happen to prove the phone is defective for a return. Will AT&T let me choose the color of the Centro I get in its place if they do take it back? I paid extra just for the white one!

    I don't know much about phones at all, so please try to explain it to me as if I was a child hah.

    Thank You
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    The lag when habging up is common, it's just the phone disconnecting from the network. How long does it actually lag, mines usually only for a second or two, not enough to really bother me after over a year of experiencing it. My only advice to you is to not hit any buttons after hanging up until your device is fully disconnected from the call. If you keep hitting buttons trying to get it to hang up faster, it's just going to bite you in the **** once all those presses catch-up & are executed- much more frustration & time compared to pausing for just a second. (not saying this is what you do, but I see many users get impatient & thus even more frustrated because of it). Is that the only time you're experiencing a notieable lag?

    As for mp3s, it's only going to make your phone lag if the music is actually playing. Just having music files on your device/card has no effect on performance.
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    Thank you for the reply! Actually, I think you are right. It is only a second or two, but I am such an impatient person I always end up trying to get it to hang up faster. I guess I will just learn to live with it and enjoy my phone

    Thanks so much!
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    [QUOTE=little_claws;1598720] I guess I will just learn to live with it and enjoy my phone QUOTE]

    That's funny. No offense, but you've had the phone since Jan, don't use the Internet and have one extra ringtone and a few pictures? Why did you get a Centro? You can do so much with it and put so many neat programs on it. Do you have a data plan? Do you sync it with your computer and at least get your PIM data on it?

    Yes, the Centro is great for music. Load up that card and play the music with PocketTunes. It will sound as good as an Ipod or any other MP3 player. You will need an adapter for the 2.5mm jack, so you can use your 3.5mm headphones. Start loading it up with some programs and have fun.
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    Also, if you have a Sprint Centro you can replace the dialer app with a PRC file someone posted here that eliminates some of the lag and in most cases that annoying dialog box that shows the call duration. Do a search for test7.prc in this forum to find it. I have always used this on my Centro and really consider it important for my sanity!
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