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    Typically all the .prc and .pdb files on the handheld are backed up during the hotsync process in the username/backup folder on the pc. I see the folder and almost all of the prc/pdb files there. Question...where are the ToDoDB.pdb and TasksDB-PTod.pdb files backed up? I know they're on the handheld because I can see them using filez. They just don't show up in the backup folder on the pc. Are they placed somewhere else?


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    Search the pc?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller View Post
    Search the pc?

    No dice. I don't suppose they're renamed on backup or marked as hidden?
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    Well, after looking around a bit, I've learned that the PIM .pdb's don't get backed up to the username/backup folder. These include:


    I guess the data in these pdb's is synced directly to the Palm Desktop which isn't in the .pdb format.

    The .pdb's in question do exist on the handheld so they are captured in NVBackup sets.

    The whole reason I'm doing this is that I lost my Centro and I have to go a week before my replacement comes. So, I'm using my old Treo650 in the meantime. But, I wanted to get my Centro tasks on the Treo by copying the .pdb from the username/bakup folder to the card and then copy it to the treo ram.

    I have a copy of the centro sd card on my pc...which has a copy of my last nvbackup set. I moved that to the treo650 and tried to selectively restore the ToDoDb and TasksDB-PTod from the centro backup set to the treo, but it didn't work. The resore seemed to go properly with no error messages. But, the data just wasn't there.

    Any suggestions? I don't want to hotsync the Treo650 because that just creates a whole new set of headaches associated with syncing a different device. Which I'll have to do again when the replacement centro comes.

    Anyway...a lot of typing, but really not that big a deal. I just thought that a selective restore with nvbackup from the centro would work on the treo650...but it didn't...


    Treo 650 Verizon
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    If you make a backup of your entire Palm\Username directory and you have an NVBackup set, I think you can be pretty fearless about syncing to your 650.

    Your tasks are located in a .dat file the Palm\Username\Todo directory. If all you want is PIM data, hard reset your 650, empty your Palm\Username\Backup directory, and sync the 650 to your current Username.

    When you get the new Centro, restore it off your NVBackup set, and then on your first sync, clear the Palm\Username\Backup directory again, set any PIM conduits (where you changed data) to "Desktop overwrites handheld". Change it back to Synchronize after that.

    Worst case if something is hosed, you can revert with the original backups.

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