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    I honestly do not envy other phone owners. From the iPhone to a Blackberry to a WinMo, I appreciate my phone better. I know a lot of people had problems with their Blazer, but mine runs fast and downloads quickly while other phones need support from third party apps. My calendar functions are so simple compared to the click and scroll you have to do with other phones. I really do not know how I survived before without threaded text. That makes life so much easier.

    *daydreams* LOL
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    Good post. I feel the same way about my Centro. Only thing I could want is a larger screen. Can't have everything.
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    it's a great little phone. it has its limits, but it's a great little phone that packs a lot of power in a little package.
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    I was just thinking the same thing, having tried a T-Mobile Dash for a couple of months. Two days ago, I put my SIM back in my Centro and intend to leave it there.
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    Just got around to installing a LJP/NES emulator. Was scared the phone would lag. WORKS GREAT! THIS PHONE IS THE STUFF! lol
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    One of the things to _not_ like about the Centro is its toy-like looks. Maybe Palm got the design wrong exactly at a time when the more business-like phones form HTC (and BB) hit the market.

    The other thing is the keyboard.

    But my wife's Centro went for six months (give-or-take) without a reset. That's something for any phone. Like cckgz4, she wonders how she got along without a Centro, it's games, applications, and email.
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    I've had my Centro for over a year now & it's setup is still evolving & expanding. It just keeps getting better & better, which wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the open OS- every single user's device is completely different from the rest & it's only limits (generally speaking) are the user him/herself. There is no device more user-oriented, simple as that. I don't know how I ever worked, scheduled, researched & communicated without it. I have yet to be disappointed or bored with my Centro, & I know I could easily go another year+ without getting 'new phone envy' (which is saying a lot for me, before the Centro I was getting a new phone at least every 6 months).
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    I have had my centro since they came out. I can honestly say it is the best smartphone I have ever used. I had the iphone for about 25 days when it first came out, returned it. I have had blackjack, several bberries, and always came back to the palm os. Even the pre doesn't excite me too much, don't like having to slide it out to type. I am constantly putting in todos and calendar items I like the access to the keys especially for the shortcuts like fastlaunch, and quickswitch. It has taken me awhile and the use of cleanstart and tealscan (and I have a ton of apps on my centro) it runs perfectly quick and no resets, very stable. I have it tweaked with just the right software I can do anything on this phone. With the iphone putting in a calendar event is a chore. Pulling up the menum, then calendar then going through the steps. It seemed like it took 15-20 seconds to add an appointment. With my centro and 2day and Initiate I can be walking and add a meeting next week in under 5 seconds. I dont' see the practicallity or the efficient in any other smartphone that the centro has. With the pre requiring a new phone plan at $89 a month, I don't see myself switching to the pre. I have the centro on the SERO plan and pay $30 a month and can do just about anything on it. I don't see the value added with the Palm Pre. I will be sticking with the Centro.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fstopstigmata View Post
    before the Centro I was getting a new phone at least every 6 months).
    that was me too...i bought the centro the day it came out, and im shocked im still with it, but it does everything that i need it to do...
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    My dad was pretty excited when he found the Slacker Personal Radio website. You can find different categories of music on Internet radio stations. I told him that PocketTunes has had Internet radio stations for a long time and they are easy to access. Then I showed him Kinoma and all the things you can get from the Media Guide and he started searching for Kinoma for a Blackberry. Ha-ha. I could get any Verizon phone I wanted through my business, but I am sticking with the Centro.
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    I couldn't agree more with the original poster. I've played for hours with WinMo devices, Blackberries, other Symbian OS devices, and the new Palm Pre, and when I pick my Centro back up I can't help thinking how good we Centro users have it.

    I never minded the smaller screen and keyboard because these are what make the Centro hands down (pun intended) unrivaled when it comes to one-handed operation. I didn't think it would be such a big deal, but being able to so quickly navigate and even type single-handedly is something that is impossible to go away from once you've gotten used to it. The new Pre is nice (really nice, IMO), but as I discuss elsewhere, it is a huge ergonomic step backwards to get rid of the 5-way nav and hard buttons. Form should follow function, not the other way around.

    Before getting flamed: I am open to change only if that change involves more speed, not less, after allowing for a learning curve. And let's face it, no learning curve is going to make screen gestures as fast as hard buttons. Try flicking as fast as you can up and down a long web page. Then do the same by holding down an up or down button. No contest.

    Believe me, the day a phone comes out that is as functional, speedy, and ergonomically 1-hand friendly as the Centro, I will be ranting and raving over that phone instead of this one. But until then, here's to the best damn phone I've ever owned.
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    Sad thing is, the carriers will get rid of the Centro to make room for the newer models, and it's a great phone (the best thing going, IMHO). I think I could stay with it for a while, myself. I wish they would redo the Centro into a slightly larger form factor with larger screen and roomier keyboard, or maybe a larger screen and slide out keyboard like the Pre. The only reservation I have is, the hardware doesn't hold up as well as the Treo, IMHO. Make a Centro with more durable hardware and I'll keep it for years.
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    i've been using Palms since 1999 and using Treos since the Treo 600. i got the Centro a year ago and loved it. but then the Pre came out and last weekend i bought it. after just two days i realized i made a big mistake. i missed the beautiful reliability, simplicity, intuitiveness, and ease of use of the Centro. i had already given my nearly pristine 1 year old Centro to my sister - which she LOVED - so i exchanged my Pre back for another Centro and all is right in my world again. so don't let the new and fancy blind you to what works. that's not to say stay stuck in the past, but it's important to appreciate what works and what is not yet ready for prime time.
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    I have loved mine over the last couple of years but plan to upgrade to the pre in the fall once the bugs are ironed out. Its been a great phone but the technology is just getting a bit old and dated. The net browser is the biggest issue I have with it atm, It just can't handle alot of more modern sites. The phone made me a palm fan.
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    Its Centro for me until it dies. I think the Pre is intriguing but the incremental cost every month for the "Everything" plan just isn't worth it. It would double our month bill (already have unlimited data, lots of text messages in our plan).

    So I will keep tweaking the Centro and keep my $ in my pocket
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    I agree about the Centro - the ones in the family have been very good devices once set up. No resets, they just work and are easy to use. Love it, just wanted to have multi-tasking. The 800W was not bad, just had quality control issues. The Touch Pro - hey mine is very reliable, no slow-downs and just works - but yep, it does take a few extra steps. My real regret with WM: no phone recording application.
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    at the last minute of launch day, I decided to wait a little while to see the real life reviews of the pre. Glad I did, all sorts of version 1.0 type problems. Sticking with my centro, at least until the problems with the Pre can be worked out.
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    Ditto to the comments above. I have a Centro on Verizon with the New Every Two coming online October 2010. That should be just in time for Pre V3.0 coming onto Verizon
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    Why do I want a Pre which can't sync to my enterprise server when my little Centro does it at the push of a button?
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    Yep, When the Pre was announced for Sprint, I was heart-broken and way overdue for a new phone. After finally scrapping any WinMoHel phones, and deciding that I just couldn't become a Crackhead, I bot the Centro to get me thru until VZW got the Pre. Ha. I ended up with the best phone! They can keep the Pre. THIS, the Centro is what I needed. Local sync, works like a charm. I'm not a kid, so media isn't where I'm at for what I need.
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