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    I use Mundu for yahoo chat and I have a question about the little online/offline icons on my contact screen.

    When a contact is online, there's a yellow smiley face to the left. When a contact is offline, it appears in the contact list one of two ways: sometimes the smiley face is greyed out, but sometimes there's also a little icon with 2 rectangles- red and blue. In both cases, the contact is offline, but I'm wondering what the difference is. Could it be that one signifies the contact is truly offline, while the other means the contact is online but in stealth mode????
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    Maybe one means 'away/idle' or maybe 'mobile'??

    Does that contacr still show up when you set it to hide offline contacts?

    Did you download the manual & see if there's anything in there about status icons?
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    I got the answer....the blue and red rectangle icon simply means you have an open chat with existing dialogue for that particular contact, regardless of whether they are on or offline.....
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