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    Hi all,

    I`ve been having reception problems with my 680 ever since i bought it used on craigslist 2 summers ago. since then i`ve been experimenting with various roms to see which provides the best reception. right now i am on rogers 1.12 and so far it seems to get strong reception - 4 bars. however once i dial a number.. it disconnects in 9 - 14 seconds in or when i press a key. wonky eh? the reception status then drops to 0 and then within the next 10 seconds it regains its strength. however when i redial, the problem persists.

    i`m thinking now it might be a hardware issue... perhaps the antenna went bad? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Is your 680 a Rogers branded 680? If it isn't then the ROM upgrade will cause problems. You need to use the update that is specific for your carrier.

    If it is unlocked, you need to use the update from this page;
    Software Update 1.12 (Windows installer) for Treo 680 - Unlocked

    If your phone is locked to a specific carrier, go to, select support, select phones, select treo 680, select your carrier and then go to the downloads tab for any ROM updates.

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