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    anybody have a Jawbone Prime? W/an oppinion on it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cscoot03 View Post
    anybody have a Jawbone Prime? W/an oppinion on it?
    Better than the previous Jawbones, but the incoming sound is still tinny and outgoing a bit too muffled for me. I think the Voyager Pro and the Zivio are both better choices (but it is close). The noise supression is very good - probably why its a bit muffled. The Prime is better than the Blue Ant Q1.

    My voice is very bass, so someone with a higher pitches voice may seem less muffled.

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    The Plantronics Pro Is nice but very heavy what is this Zivio? I've never heard ofthis one a does this Zivio work more than I phone on the fly & does it weigh very much Thanks
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    Hey sorry about that last question, so I went & googled & found it;actually very interesting but the only problem is, I'm looking for something kind of lighter in weight. But hey thanks that is a cool HS. Maybe , Maybe.
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    No hands on experience with the new jawbones... but I had the original. Worked absoluteyl perfectly initially. I was rollerblading in a windstorm and the person on the other end could hear me just fine. They thought I was sitting at home! LOL! But after a couple months it seemed to stop working. Now, I can't even drive 70mph on the highway without that little background noise completely drowning me out to the person on teh other end...

    I, along with a couple co-workers, had the original jawbone. We all had the same concensus. And I've heard the new Jawbones are the same way from a couple people who tried them.
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    Since the original post was 4 months ago, I'm sure cscoot has found something by now. However, I'll add my vote for the Voyager Pro. Yes, it is heavier, but it rides the ear very comfortably & the weight seems to be distributed so well that the additional weight pretty much goes unnoticed. Audio on both ends is extremely clear -- under "normal" circumstances, I've been told it's clearer than some landlines I've used.

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