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    I have an unlocked treo 680 that was on the AT&T network but now I'm using it with T-Mobile. I can talk and text but I am unable to get on the internet. When I try to get on the internet I get conecting to tmobile> signing on> canceling. How do I get the internet to work?
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    You will need to at least select the internet service you have subscribed to from t-mobile.

    Go the the preferences panel and select network (under communication). Select the service level you have from the list under Service.

    If you use t-zones (like me) it is not selected by default and you need to re-select it each time the 680 gets reset.

    If you don't see "T-mobile internet", "T-mobile VPN", and "T-zones" try resetting your phone by pulling the battery out. If after that you still don't see the networks, write back.

    If you are using T-zones, you need to set a proxy in your web browser of port 8080

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