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    Is there any other email progs that works with active exchange besides versamail? Versamail was working beautifully with my schools server until they updated and now requires a domain name. I've been messing with it and pretty much exhausted everything I could try in versamail and it still doesnt work. Any information would greatly be appreciated.
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    I'm looking for one that will use also. But I'm looking for 1 so it doesn't look like the message that I'm replying to, or forwarding look like it was copied from notepad.
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    Anything better than versamail? I need a app that has a place where i can put the domain name...
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    You should be able to put in for your username:


    and that should work. Just be careful since I believe in this particular case the domain name is case sensitive (although it shouldn't be, but I've had issues with it in the past
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    or you can try chatteremail though i dont know mucho about domain name
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    I know snappermail does not let you use activesync.

    I currently use versamail via activesync, and it does allow me to use a domain like hufn said.

    However I'm still looking for a better mail program than versamail that will sync.

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