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    Okay so I've had my centro a little over a year now.

    Last week, it stopped sending or receiving txts citing this problem: unable to connect to the network.

    when i attempt to place calls it just displays the dialing msg for a minute before beeping loudly and dropping it before even placing it.

    I can't receive calls and only every once in a while am I sent notifications of voicemail.

    There is no connection to the internet, I get this error: 0x7143

    The only way it will do anything is if i shut it off then back on every time i either send a txt or place a call. This becomes very frustrating and sometimes doesn't even work.

    The only symbol I get from my phone next to the battery life symbol is the one downward pointing triangle that means "gprs network within range but not transmitting data" sometimes it just says no service SOS only.

    I went to ATT and we tried everything. We got me a new sim card and even did a hard reset, which wiped everything off the phone. It's still acting up.

    Has anyone had the same problem? Does anyone know what to do??
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    Well, if ATT can't even fix it, I'd say you probably need a new device. Do you have insurance??

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