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    I just spent waaaay to much time today remembering how to do this and since my SD cards tend to pop out and fall in a black hole I felt this would be a valuable tutorial because I haven't seen any websites with concise instructions. You don't even need miniTunes to do this!

    1. The proper length is about 20sec's for a ringtone so the first thing to do is edit it. I found this site excellent for that purpose.

    2. Convert your file to a .wav file and I suggest you compress it in a PCM format at 16kHz, 16 bit, Mono at 31 kb/sec. dBpowerAMP is great for this and there is a freeware program called Free Mp3 Wma Converter but it doesn't matter what program you use.

    3. You must email this file to yourself, this was the step that tripped me up because I thought you could send it over Bluetooth but that won't work because after you import into Voice Memo it only converts 195KB of the file. You need to email it and open it into "Sounds" (which Bluetooth won't let you do). You might get a file name of "???" but no worries you can edit it.

    **You can also use "Sound Recorder" which comes in almost every version of Windows (Programs\Accessories\Entertainment) to edit a .wav file. After opening a .wav file in Sound Recorder click "Edit" and you will see "Delete Before/After Current Position". Best part is you can compress it too! In "Save As" click the "Change" button (Vista can only save as .wma).**

    That's all there is to it!
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