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    Ok.. I had to reinstall my OS on my laptop and am reinstalling all my conduits.

    Went to install Documents to Go (Dataviz) and the only stored version I have is 10.000. The version on my Centro is 10.002.

    I go to the Dataviz web-site and they want to extort another $5 out of me for redownloading the software.

    Anyone know where I can get a copy? I have a registration key and everything for 10.002.
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    I have the Windows exe installable file. Not sure how to get it to you. Yeah, that is horrible, especially considering how buggy the 10.000 release was.

    Given that "redownload" fee, I will no longer recommend DataViz products. Poor business model.
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    PM ed you..
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    Anyone else have this? I've got almost everything restored except for Docstogo.
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    got it.thanks
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    DataViz has long been the greediest (without question) software company out there. Constant minimal updates at high upgrade cost. Favors are non-existent. I finally stopped paying upgrades.
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    I think the version on your Centro uses native files, so you should not need to use the docs to go desktop, what I did was get me a program that made my centro act like a card reader and transfered my files that way for a back up.
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    I also dislike Dataviz's method of doing minor upgrades. I continue to upgrade due to its overall performance, but always with a gripe to them about the real fact that it is a bug fix, never a real upgrade. I also save the upgrade files to an external drive.

    DTG spread sheet has REAL issues on the 800W and it has not been fixed yet.
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    Is there an alternative to Docstogo??

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