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    The two Avantgo channels I use the most have both stopped working correctly... has not been updated since 8/21
    My Yahoo! will not remember my user name (see separate thread about this)

    It has quickly become a waste of space and my time syncing and I have removed it!
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    The problem with Yahoo is a pain, but not surprising. Maybe is just dead. Have you tried the CNN channel?
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    The cause of most (not all) problems like these has to do with the content provider, not AvantGo.

    I know that in the past there were problems with the form submit capability and Yahoo. I don't know if you tried this or not, but attempt to submit your user name and password in all lower case. There was an issue with caps causing problems.

    That might solve your problem.
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    My C-Net channel stopped updating after 8/21. Coincidence?

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    My C-Net channel never stopped working---??
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    My CNET channel works liek a charm. I think its an AvantGo bug. Delete all the avantgo files on your Visor (EXCEPT LIBMAL, MOBILELINK AND AVANTGO applications) and try to load your channels again.

    Originally posted by EJSHUMAK
    My C-Net channel never stopped working---??
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    I asked AvantGo support and the bug was wth CNET. The date on the main page updated with each sync, but the content (articles) were not updating. CNET has obviously fixed the problem.

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