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    Is there any way to increase the 8000 character truncation
    limit for mail?

    I'm not trying to accept attachements. I just frequently get emails
    where the text is longer than 8000 characters.

    It's very frustrating to see the "This message has been truncated."
    message when I have plenty of memory available for the whole message.

    It would be great to double or triple this.

    Thanks, Jeff
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    Not sure, but you could try Eudora Internet Suite It's free.
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    There is a freeware email replacement that extends the truncation out to 32,000.

    I found it on or .com (they're the same).
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    Your solution works great. One thing though, a newer version exists that can be found at the software author's website.

    The software is called "e*Mail" and the website is:

    Thanks for the great suggestion!


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