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    Hi guys,

    We have released and posted the official SMS Commander 1.10 on our website. Update is FREE.

    Here are some of the changes:

    NOTE: Please read the beta user manual included in the zip file before testing any of the new features.

    1. Added cmd:wipecard. Remotely wipe out or format the external SD card.

    2. Added cmd:register [registration code]. Remotely register the copy of SMS Commander.

    3. Added cmd:breakdown [on/off]. Remotely check/enable/disable the Breakdown to 160 characters option. Sprint users, please take note of this.

    4. Added Block and notify me if the sender of the command is not the Destination Number option under the SMS Commander Settings.

    This security feature has been undocumented and unannounced since version 1.05 Beta. It sends a security notice to the Destination Number when someone other than that number/email is sending a SMS Commander command to your Treo. It is so tough that even Sprint network could not deceive it. Now, we opened it up to the public and set as an option to offer more flexibility.

    This feature doesn't affect the Destination Number for SMS forwarding. It will still forward the number to the number set.

    5. Added cmd:sender [on/off]. Remotely check/enable/disable the Block and notify me if the sender of the command is not the Destination Number option.

    6. Added keyguard status on cmd:status command response.

    7. Updated cmd:help. Added cmd:wipecard, cmd:register, cmd:breakdown, cmd:sender.

    Special thanks to all the people who participated in this version.

    You may download it from our website or use the on-board updater.

    Thank you for your patronage.

    Suntzu Software
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    Suntzu Software
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    Can you make it to forward sent messages also?

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