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    Hi again,
    I seem to have gone and done it again by buying yet another incompatible bit of kit for my 680.
    After doing some preliminary research I bought a Motorola T505 thinking that it would be good to use as a car kit and to stream music from my phone. When I first tried to pair it, the phone functionality worked quite well, but it wouldn't stream music. I didn't have much time when I first tried this so had to leave it till this morning to try again.
    After not having any luck, I searched the Motorola website for an answer, and lo and behold, there a small caveat in the compatibility chart which says that it doesn't stream music when paired with a 680.
    Have any of you guys, who have far more skills than I, been able to get this working on your 680s?
    The other alternative I have is to dust off my 650 and keep using that and maybe sell the 680. I'm not ecstatic over its performance so far and have been even eyeing the iphone (cringe) as a possible replacement.
    Thanks for any help in advance,
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    I've managed to get it to work using Soft Click Audio Gateway. Could only test it for a few minutes on the drive to work, and it seemed to work quite well.

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