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    i've had my Centro for about a year and this just happened. any idea why? has this happened to anyone else? i don't think i accidentally changed these by pressing the buttons myself. out of ~3,000 contacts i've noticed at least 30 have been changed from "Default" to "Alert Bells" - maybe more. very strange.
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    Not sure why it happened. You can try a 10 second soft reset by taking out the battery for at least 10 seconds. This allows the device to power off completely, like a shutdown on a PC.
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    i've isolated the problem. when i go into a contact in Palm Desktop and delete the address (address, city, state, zip) in any contact and then sync, the ringtone for that specific contact on my centro will switch from "Default" to "Alert Bells". VERY STRANGE!!!

    i'm using a Sprint Centro with the latest ROM Update and Palm Desktop v 4.2 which came on the CD with my Sprint Centro - bought approximately one year ago.

    can someone else try this and let me know if you get the same result???
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    i figured out a fix that worked for me - assuming you sync with Palm Desktop (PD) -

    1. go to Contacts in PD
    2. "select all" contacts
    3. cut
    4. paste all back into Contacts
    5. go to "Custom" in HotSync Conduit menu and change to "Desktop overwrites Handheld" (set for one time only - NOT for Default)
    6. Sync

    this process will change all of your Contacts ringtones back to "DEFAULT".

    make sure you do/keep a separate isolated backup of your data BEFORE you try this just in case something goes wrong. be careful and good luck!

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