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    I've read that many people have overclocked the Treo 650 to 507 or 546 MHz. But mine will only go up to 468 and if I try to get more - It freezes or resets. Can someone help me ?

    I tried that with PXA Clocker and Lightspeed 3.1.
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    try warpspeed from I have it on my Palm TX, LifeDrive , And now my Treo 650 I over clock to 416 overall.
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    Doesnt work above 416. I tried again with lightspeed and I've noticed that the impossible frequence is in red color but 507 and 546 isnt. When I set it to 507 it resets but with 546 it freezes with a white screen.
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    With PXA Clocker works form 91 (under 91 MHz BUS phone not work) up to 429 MHz. 468 MHz doesn't work stable in all apps. 507 MHz crashes.

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