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    I have a Treo 700p, and every once in a while I do a hard reset when it seems to bog down. My issue is that I want to load the minimum amount of info back on it and then install the rest of programs fresh. I'm pretty sure I'm resyncing more files than necessary. I really just want this info:


    I could probably live without restoring SMS and Versamail, but I'd like the option. What file(s) do I need for each?
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    There is a folder in your palm username folder called Backup. Rename that to oldBackup and re-sync. It will just install the basic stuff, not your programs and data. If WinXP, it will be in the Program Files/PalmOne folder. You will then see another folder called Backup. If you want any of your old stuff, drag it fromt the OldBackup folder to the new Backup folder and sync.

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