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    My ex's Centro is with AT&T. All of a sudden yesterday it got stuck trying to do a hotsync. I don't know what caused it, but she's really sick about it. She mananged to do a real hotsync, but the phone still went back to that state afterwards. I did a hard reset, and still it went back the same way. Any ideas on how to fix it anyone? I posted espically for you guys.
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    The connector got wet. That is a serious problem actually. I fixed it in mine once by taking the phone apart and sticking it under my car's windshield for a few hours. When it happened again however (I got stuck walking in the rain) I had to replace my phone.
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    Ziploc it with dry rice for a day or two. It sucks the moisture right out. Google will give you the details.
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    maybe try this too -

    Pimlico Software - DbFixIt

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