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    Do they have 700p drivers for vista???

    I just brought my new computer home and now I can't load the Palm desktop or sinc my phone
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    Is your version of Vista 64bit? To find out go to start-computer and right click on computer. Look on that page for the version and see if it is 64 bit. Most PC's that are being sold today are loaded with 64bit Vista.

    To sync with 64bit Vista, you will need to sync wirelessly using Bluetooth or infrared. Bluetooth is the preferred method. You need to see if your PC has a Bluetooth radio installed. If it doesn't you will need a Bluetooth adapter. If you need the adapter, get a belkin, targus or rocketfish.

    Click on the following link for the article regarding Synchronizing under 64-bit Windows editions: Bluetooth HotSync setup.

    Synchronizing under 64-bit Windows editions: Bluetooth HotSync setup

    You should be able to install Palm desktop. What error messages are you receiving?
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    Its giving me "Locate and Install drivers" and it cant locate them anywhere

    I'll look for the belkin adaptor
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    or maybe wait a month for a the pre

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    If you are using 32-bit Vista with a Verizon 700P, head to Palm's support page and download Palm Desktop 6.2. I loaded it onto my new Vista machine and my 700P syncs just like it was made for Vista.
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    Ok cygnusx1,

    I ended up getting the rocketfish adaptor from best buy and i think I have it working with the expection of figuring out HOW to sync my palm desktop.

    Any suggestions
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    Hey cygnusx

    Never mind, I do think I figured it out

    Thanks for your help
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    Ok, glad to hear you got it working.

    There is a support page for your Treo on the website.

    Go to On the home page is a link to support in the upper left corner. Click on that link and it will take you to the page to select your type of device, select phones. Select your device on the next page. Next select your carrier and that will take you to the main support page for your Treo.

    Click on the different tabs to see the choices. Under downloads, there may be updates for your Treo. On the learn tab is usually where you can find the user manual.

    Just wanted to let you know.

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