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    I have read that you can get wifi on the treo 650 but although i have read about it, I cannot seem to find anymore info on this, can anyone let me know if they have wifi on the treo 650 and also if so how good is it
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    I have done some research and found that there once was a product from Enfora that was a WI-FI sled but it has been discontinued. You may find one onEbay, I didn't look there.

    I saw another link regarding software hacks for the Palm-one WI-FI card.

    In the Google search box enter WI-FI for Palm treo 650. There is a link to the article regarding the hacks. Using those would be at your own risk though.
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    i read up on these different ways to get WIFI for your treo but to me it seems that there is loads and loads of hassle to do it but you might not even get it to work!!! like me! :z

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