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    I just recently got the Palm Centro and have put an older SD card in there. I have a lot of ringtones saved onto this card, I downloaded the "Files" app that allows me to browse through all of the multimedia on my SD card. It does not, however, allow me to make any of these ringtones my current ringtones. I can access every other part of the SD card besides these ringtones. I know that they work because I can get to them from Ptunes and listen to them, I just cannot apply them as a ringtone!

    Please help! thank you
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    You'll need to d/l either Minitones or Musictones to convert them and store them in the RAM of your Centro. If you want to use them as mp3's directly from your sd card, you'll need a program like Lightwav.
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    Lightwav and Ringcare are 2 excellent applications.

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