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    I have a 700P....not too much longer I hope.

    .....but I also have a special automotive diagnostic program that I want to install on Handspring Visor Platinum.

    I've tried to install the Visor HotSync program...but only Hotsynce and install manager shows up on my laptop and the 700P is the only shown device.

    How can I install an accessory program on a device other than the 700p when only my 700P shows up in my device menu.
    Warren C.
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    If you have Palm desktop installed, you can create a new username in Palm desktop for the Visor. Look in hotsync on the Visor in the upper right corner. If there is a name listed, use the exact same name that is on that screen for the new username in Palm desktop.
    If you are successful with creating the username in Palm desktop, copy and paste the program you want to install and put it in Quick install in the handheld section and then sync your Visor.

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