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    Hey Y'all!

    I am sick of thinking about it but I find no other options because out service provider is as antiquated as our phones.

    About 3+ years ago I got a really great deal $50 a piece for brand new 650's {with 2 year contract} unlimited data & 500 anytime mins. Well in the last few months I have been running short on mins & I got one of them "net 10" $.10 a min.

    My SP will increase my mins to a maximum of 2400 for a mere $110 per month PLUS $40 for the DATA!

    I am asking the drone on the other end can't you do me a deal for 5 years of service with your company & he's like ;"sha .. gaa ...NOOoo way dude, I cant do that there."

    I am guessing that there is no way to change providers & not buy a new phone.

    I love my Treo 650 & still have not figured out all the neat stuff it dose & there is nothing wrong with it I have taken excellent care of it.

    I see that there are 2 types of service
    #1 pay as you go /pre paid cards types
    #2 Contract

    From interveiwing anyone I can in the past month I have come to the conclusion that you get what you pay for ,meaning the "Pre Paid" dont have as good service {I live in Florida where there are areas of spotty coverage}.

    BUT I really hate to get suckered into a nudder 2 years rapeing

    I think either way I will probaly hold on for a month or 2 but I wanted to ask if there was any way to not get screwed.

    Also if there is somthing I missed I am open to what is new & stuff.

    Please bear with me if I do not reply rapidly for I am having PC problems ALSO.

    So next thing would be to ask to Blackberry or Palm.

    I mean every red neck now has a Blackberry, but one thing @ a time .


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    You only have the 2 options you have stated, pre-paid plans or a contract with a carrier.

    Most phones are locked to carriers except an unlocked GSM. The unlocked allows you to use any SIM card. If your Treo is an unlocked version, you could get the AT&T prepaid card which uses their Cell network that may have better signal than your current pre-paid providor.

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