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    Hi Community,

    So here's the story. Everytime I try to send a text, my phone resets itself. It started happening about 4 days ago. I remember the first time it happened ... I tried to send a text and I got a prompt that said something about the memory being full or something like that. Then the phone reset itself. I haven't been able to send a text since then. I hot synced my phone, did a hard reset and reinstalled everything hoping it would fix the problem but it didn't. All the other software seems to be working just fine. I only get this issue when I access messaging (text). I'm with Sprint by the way and the only third party software I have on my phone in Resco Explorer. Anyone got any ideas. As always, any advice is appreciated.
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    Call Sprint. They will probably be able to help. Or send an email to ecare if you don't want to speak to someone.

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