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    I ran into a strange problem with my Treo 700p. The phone has 1500 contacts with pictures being maintained by Palm Desktop. I performed a soft reset on the phone by removing the battery, and all my contacts have been deleted. The strange thing is all the other information and phone settings remained untouched.

    Have anyone here seen this issue, and is it a hardware issue that I need to worry about.

    Thanks in Advance
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    This is not typical for a soft reset. No data should be erased with a soft reset.

    Is this the first Palm device you have owned?

    Are you sync'ing the Treo to the same username in Palm Desktop as an older/different model Palm device?
    If you are, this will cause problems on the new device. When you sync the device, it saves the device settings, 3rd party apps, preferences, etc. in the backup folder in the username folder on the PC. When you sync the new device it copies the contents of the backup folder for the old device to the new device. This will cause corruption in the settings for the new device thus causing erratic behavior of the new device.

    If this is the case, there is an article on the Palm website regarding upgrading from a previous model device.

    The KB article number is 12926.

    Go to the website, in the upper right corner of the screen is a search box. Enter the number in the box and press enter on the keyboard or click on the magnifying glass.

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