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    I am looking for an app like payment reminder. Something that will remind me of my bills every month and I can also get list of all the bills due and that was payed. Can Agendus do this? and if not what would you use.
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    Sure - not a problem - just fill out an entry that says something like: "Read this bubba (list)" and set it to repeat the first day of the month.
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    I use Excel. Easy to set up and customize, and easy to use. I can enter the data on the computer, sync, and view it on the phone. Or vice versa.

    Put a recurring reminder in Tasks for each bill.
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    thanks guys.
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    My $.02 cents, I create a meeting entry in Agendus to go off around 8am the morning each bill is due, and they all go into category "Bills". I mark them completed when paid. So I can quickly look and see which ones have been paid (they'll have a checkmark) and those that haven't (won't have a checkmark).
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    I thought of that, but isn't it more of a task than an appointment? Your schedule would show you as busy during that time. I guess everyone has to decide what works best for them...
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    I use Ultrasoft Money
    You might want to try:
    MyHome Freeware Palm: MyHome v1.82
    Bill Checker Freeware Palm: Bill Checker v4.0
    DoraeBills Freeware Palm: DoraeBills v0.23

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