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    I just picked up a Centro last week, and I really don't mind the standard Palm OS Home launcher. The ONE thing I would like to do would be to be able to reorganize the order that the applications are on the Home screen. Is it possible to do this in the Palm OS Launcher?

    ... I already tried TouchLauncher and debating purchasing it, because you can reorder the applications on the Home menu. Just wondering if a simple application that is NOT a launcher that can reorder icons on the Home menu without purchasing or downloading an entire launcher.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    It is not possible to sort the apps in the default launcher. Unless you get some renaming software and rename your apps like
    so it alphabetically sorts them correct
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    A work around may be possible using "categories". You can group the apps, which allows your favs to fit on the screen, for instance. When I'm doing some work that requires a lot of back and forth among a few apps, I just assign them to the same category and set the view from all to that category. Saves some time and no purchase necessary.
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    Take a look at Fast Launch too. It allows you to press the first letter of whatever app you want to activate and then every app that starts with that letter comes up. It also brings up contacts and DAs as well.
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    Another option TreoLauncher refines the list of displayed icons as you press successive letters to only display matching programs and finally launches the program when only one remains. Usually max of 2 or 3 keys to launch any program.
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    I launch all frequently used apps with the buttons, or quick launch keys. Then, the only category I have is "Main." I put everything else there that I use occasionally, and in list view, they all fit on the screen. I just keep the launcher on Main most of the time. Then pressing a letter jumps to the first app that starts with that letter. It is really very efficient.
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