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    Hello, I've been a Verizon customer for a while and have recently switched to Sprint (not as reliable, but the $$$ savings is worth a few dropped calls to me). I didn't purchase a Palm and now regret it. I've looked into "Hacking" or "Re-Programing" my 700P and it seems to be out of my ability.

    Here's my thought: are you in the opposite position and switching from Sprint to Verizon? If so, consider swapping phones with me. I have a 700P with less than a years worth of use. Cosmetically, there is a little nick but I would rate it a B+ to A-. As best I can tell, it is in perfect working order. I am looking for similar or better condition and model.

    If this seems like a solution you may be interested in, let me know.

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    Not sure if you're still around or interested, but if so, send me a message. I'd be quite interested in doing exactly that with my mint 700p.

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