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    I have been making a fuss about how my 680 has a bad charging port and will only charge from my pc. I finally decided to go back to my reliable 650 for now and get rid of the 680. Everythings works like normal when charged but I can't rely on charging from my pc only cause when I'm out it will not charge from my AC charger. I don't want to spend the money on having it repaired cause I'm getting a new phone instead. If someone wants to get it repaired it would be a good phone or you can use the parts to reapir your own T680.
    Good parts are:
    LCD, speakers, vibrating motor, battery, back cover, antenna, stylus, mother board, keypad, black hard case and other parts. I will also give an 8gb card with 16 full length movies on it ( I played the movies with TCPMP ). all I want for this is 4 - 2gb sd cards. I can use them in my T650. This is a great trade because anyone knows treos knows this it a steal for parts cause the digitizer and the card alone is worth over $50.00 This could help me and someone else. I'm not using ebay cause I'm not trying to make money on this. This post will be good for a week
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    Do you have a preference of sd card brand? SanDisk ok? Which carrier is the 680 for? I'm looking for a Treo for my brother who's got AT&T. PM me and let me know.
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    I have no preference for the sd cards as long as they are 2gb and the 680 is AT&T. Like I said before it works but I could only charge it from my pc cause it has a bad charge port. This trade will include the 680, battery, back cover, black hard case cause the housing is scratchy and the hard case covers all so it looks nice, a sync cable to charge it from the pc, stylus and the 8gb card with 16 full movies on it. I will leave the applications on it to delete at your discretion. I will also charge it from my pc. You can email me with any questions at

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