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    can any one help me i am new at this and have a visor deluxe and have downloaded big
    clock ,it works great but i cant get it to ring loud or a lot any help ???
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    As far as I know- NO clock/alarm app on a Deluxe will be louder than the 'loud' settings in the Prefs/General area will allow.

    To me, this the soft alarm is one of the biggest flaws in the system and prevents it from being a really effective reminder system.

    You can try a module to get a different alarm. The Innopack 2V or Talelight give you a vibrating or visual alarm if that will help.
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    Try playing around with your alarm sounds in Big Clock. You can change the frequency and length of the tones, and for how long the alarm will sound. With a little experimentation I made one that wakes me up - sounds like a European siren.

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