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  • Unbranded Unlocked Centro - No Freeze

    1 8.33%
  • Unbranded Unlocked Centro - Freeze

    8 66.67%
  • AT&T Branded Centro Unlocked - No Freeze

    1 8.33%
  • AT&T Branded Centro Unlocked - Freeze

    2 16.67%
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    Just trying to get a feel for what percentage of Centro users have the GSM freezing issue.. this freezing issue is the one where you can't answer or dial until the device unfreezes itself (usually causing a missed call that goes to voicemail).

    This issue happens on a hard reset so it's not related to installed software.

    Let me know if there are other choices that I'm missing in this poll. Thanks!
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    another thing that happen to my centro. If I'm dialing to call someone, it directly back to phone screen, not dialing, but actually in the background it still dialing. And after the otherside pickup, the screen do change to the calling screen. It fool me several times before, I thought it not dialing and I put the centro down. Then after few second it did the call..

    I can resolve some of the problem by cleaning the dbcache. When the dbcache reach about 4MB or less, it begin to do something strange behavior.
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    I'm actually getting reboots on mine. I have the Unlocked Hong Kong version.

    Sometimes it could be just the phone ringing, or launching an app via Favourites. But it seemingly is always the Phone app.

    As for lockups, I get occasional ones with Opera Mini, but that one is well known.
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    Another thought: I'm thinking could it be because when I moved between devices, I didn't do a clean install but just synced everything onto the new device.

    Maybe I should start by backing up and restoring things individually and see if it fixes my issues.
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    Yeah the people with this problem can experience freezing just minutes after a hard reset (which wipes the Centro clean as if you turned it on for the first time).

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