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    Hi All,

    I have a feeling that this has been discussed before, but i *did* a search, I swear! I need to know how to tether a 755p to a macbook. I have sprint, if that matters. Any help would be appreciated, and i'm sorry if this has been discussed to death!
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    Use USBmodem at Treo USB Modem
    It seems to work the best, you need to purchase it but it's awesome. And once connected, turning/adjusting your phone can dramatically affect performance (even 45 degrees can be significant at times).

    Follow their instructions that are included.

    I use the USB cable for best results. The BlueTooth on the Treo has never impressed me, and my PowerBook BT has never been the greatest either. But I don't know if I've every tried BT with my MacBook, but the USB cable works great.

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