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    After my desktop crashed, losing everything, I need to re-establish Palm Desktop and get a backup of my data again. I'm using a different computer (original one no longer available) and have reinstalled Palm Desktop with the original CD from Sprint. I'm only using the Palm software, should be simple with no compatibility problems. Palm Desktop installs fine and I have Hotsynch manager in my startup menu. This is in Windows XP, and the computer has plenty of power to run the applications.

    When I hook up my Treo to the computer and push the hotsynch button on the cable, the Palm tries to hotsynch, but it can't connect. The hotsynch screen comes up, and the first of the three hotsynch icons turns red and blue, but nothing else happens. I seem to recall the red and blue arrows spinning around, but that doesn't happen. It never progresses to the second (and of course not the third) icon. Eventually I get a message that says the Treo can't connect to my computer, and I should check my setup. The Palm is definitely talking to the cable, but I can't get from the cable to the computer.

    I've deleted and reinstalled Palm Desktop for a total of three installs.

    Checked the cables and socket on the Palm for dust or dirt, removed and reinstalled the cable from both the Palm and the computer literally dozens of times (including different USB slots).

    Tried hotsynching via the icon that comes up on the Palm screen rather than the hotsynch button on the cable.

    Turned off my computer firewall. There is no antivirus software on the computer.

    There are no error messages or signs of a glitch except that I'm told my Treo won't connect to the computer.

    What am I overlooking here? How can I back up my data?
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    FWIW try the screen hotsync button instead of the one on the cable. I don't now why, this works sometimes.
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    Try to clean uninstall Palm software from your computer.

    For Windows XP Instructions click here:
    Tungsten E2 hotsunc problems - Windows HotSync - Community Help Forums

    For Windows Vista instructions click here:
    Re: Syncs fine -- missing all data in Desktop App - Software - Community Help Forums

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

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    Suggestion: Double check that your user name is exactly the same.

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