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    I have a Treo 650 on the way. My last Palm was a Handera 330, but I have been out of the Palm world for quite some time.

    On my Handera I used LauncherX, and I recall that I used it to be able to launch apps from the card (this was palm OS 3.5, I believe), and they would integrate into the main launcher.

    I also seem to recall that in newer Palm OS versions, you can launch from the card automatically, by placing apps in Palm/launcher. Is this true? Will those apps show up automatically in the main menu interface, or do you have to navigate to the card in order to launch them?

    I realize there are a lot of threads about this, and they mention apps like PowerRun. But those threads tend to be several years old and I don't know if they apply.

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    You can install apps to the card/Palm/Launcher folder and you can launch them. However, you have to go to the Card in the default launcher to see them. 3rd party launchers will show all the apps in memory and the card under the All category.

    Basically, .prc files can be installed to the card, but .pdb files that go with app need to be installed to the memory.

    You can install .prc and .pdb files to the memory and use a shortcut creating app like PowerRun, LinkStart or ZLink to move the apps .prc and .pdb files to the card for storage and use the shortcut created by the shortcut creating app to launch the app. This will move the apps prc and pdb files to the memory to run, and move the files back to the card when you are finished with the app.

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