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    Can anyone let me know how to get my blue tooth on my treo 650 to pick up another mobile phone. I have tried all day to get it to pick up my wifes mobile and my daughters phone but it does not detect them. many thanks
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    Bluetooth (or BT for short) is a 2way process - it's called pairing and you have to activate BT on both phones, make sure the one to be found is not hidden (discoverable) as well!

    On your Palm - tap on the BT icon or on the small "B" next to the signal strength icon. Then tap on Setup devices in the Palm's BT screen, then Trusted Devices, Tap on Add Device and it will scan for nearby BT devices (phones/PC's/laptops, etc)

    It might also ask you for a passkey - choose a simple one (12345) and fill it in on the other device when asked.

    Should work as above!
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    I have never tried it, but I remember reading a thread on it and don't know how accurate it was.

    A guy was trying to do the same thing you are, and someone responded that he needed to get a device made to sync to two phones at once, and he gave some Motorola earpiece model number.

    That's all I remember and I don't know how accurate it is.
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