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    Was browsing thru Palm's site and saw this.

    Palm Accessories

    Not only are they discounted. THey come in more colors now. The Blue one looks enticing!
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    Well the sale was no surprise, since PalmOS is on it's way out the door, but the 'new' colors were definitely a surprise; until I saw them- looks like Sprint red & Verizon blue, so I assume they're just offering those colors as unlocked now to sell as many Centros as they possibly can.
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    I'm staying with my Centro. NO Pre for me.
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    Great price. That's what I paid for my spare AT&T Centro last year (didn't have a dataplan for the spare so I didn't qualify for the rebates). AT&T unlocked the phone of course but unbranded would be nice (I do prefer black though).
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    How much were they selling unlocked GSM Centro for before this discount?
    I think they used to sell White one, right? Also, how much was AT&T Centro without the plan?

    Wondering how much they have dropped price.
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    Before this drop in price they only sold the White Unlocked GSM and it was $299.. although at least twice in the past they temporarily had sale of $100 off.

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