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    I had a 650 before they were available at retail and was one of the first guys here with one. Man I loved that phone but afetr years of abuse it was acting up bigtime. I sell real estate and my local MLS access only works with MS IE so I cannot look up listings fully with Blazer/Opera/etc. So ... I decided to get a Sprint HTC Touch Pro with teh QWERTY.

    I love the HTC Touch and I hate it. It's extremely powerful, an amazing screen, feels solid, and is more powerful than the PC I had 8 years ago. An amazing device with GPS, 3mp camera, large slide out QWERTY, I coudl go on and on with everything it has. But, it runs Windows Mobile and I hate it afteonly 1 day. Things take many more clicks to accomplish than on a treo/centro, and I got my wife a centro that I instantly covet. Also, my HTC has horrible battery life.

    And since I cvan get Centros free I'm getting myself one. Back to the club!

    What I miss most about Treo/Centro is that everything "just works" and while it lacks some features/power, everythig I need to do on a regular basis like email/text/calendar/phone is always just 1 or 2 clicks away. Not so with Windows Mobile, where a simle task like makinga phone call or accessing voicemail takes multiple clicks and swipes then it seems like the thing is always auto-poppping up exactly the wrong menu for a given occasion.

    The HTC has amazing cool factor and is a lot of fun to play with and incredibly powefful, but I can tell it will drive me crazy.
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    u'll be happy with the centro. it;s not fancy, but it works
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    j, your experience mirrors mine exactly. I went from 650 to 700w to the touch. I finally threw in the towel because I just couldn't handle not having a keyboard anymore.

    I love the Centro. I consider it my bridge device until Verizon gets the Pre.
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    Thanks for confirmation. I was ready to go HTC...but finally read enough to convince me stay away from WinMobHel...tho' I still covet my son's LG screen. Yowza.
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    Wow, I must be the only one that can handle a Sprint Palm OS Centro and HTC WM 6.1 Touch Pro at the same time and like it

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    The difference is the Pro has a nice keyboard. I am convinced that touchscreen keyboards are the pits.

    WinMo is really very good, and the options for customization are excellent.

    I just found that I didnt need all the bells and whistles. I also love the Palm calendar.
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    Day Two with the Centro, so much happier. Things like checking voicemail and making calls and responding to a text./email take only a couple clicks one-handed, whereas with teh HTC these tasks take much longer to complete and take both hands.

    Palm OS just works.
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    Went from the Centro to the 800W , got rid of 800W and went to Touch Pro . Went back to the Centro very quickly. Hate WinMo.
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    I went from the 650, wich I loved, to a Centro, which I liked, to an HTC Touch, not the pro, I love it, better then the 650, once I got used to the keyboard (KT9) I can finily text one handed, I have way big hands, and the way I have my today screen set up I can get to my phone, email, text messaging with one click, I work with spread sheets a lot, nothing was more frustrating then being in the middle of one and having the phone ring, completly wipe out every thing I had done.
    The thing I live about WM is it just works, even when interupted.
    P.S. Dont get me wrong I do think the Centro is a great device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treotraveler View Post
    Wow, I must be the only one that can handle a Sprint Palm OS Centro and HTC WM 6.1 Touch Pro at the same time and like it

    No you're not alone in that boat; except I use a Mogul instead of the touch pro. It can take some time to get used to wm, especially if you are coming from a palm, but if you are patient with it, like someone else mentioned you can get things set up to where tasks take no time at all to launch. BTW, IMHO, SPB Mobile Shell is an absolute must. Makes the WM experience that much better.
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    The thing I hate about the touch pro was I kept hanging up on everyone.

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