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    My 755p has been working great since I bought it last December (upgrade from 650). For some reason today, it would not turn on at all. So I took the battery out and it did a hard reset to my surprise wiping the PDA clean. I was freaked but synced back up and all looks ok but lost some information that I entered when on the road last few days.

    Sprint said I must of had a power surge in the middle of the night. I am just scared of this happening on 4 day business trip when my PC for syncing is 2000 miles away. Any thoughts on what may have caused this complete wipe out--was never given option on reboot to wipe pda!!!!. Also Versamail downloaded 500 email messages since my last scync which was about 10 days ago. OUCH
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    Not sure why it would not power on and cause your issue of erasing all the data. Only thing I can think of is the battery drained completely to a dead state. The data loss is unusual because the data is stored in Non-volatile ram, which should save all the data.

    Are you sync'ing the 755P to the same username in Palm Desktop as the 650?
    If you are, this will cause problems on the new device. When you sync the device, it saves the device settings, 3rd party apps, preferences, etc. in the backup folder in the username folder on the PC. When you sync the new device it copies the contents of the backup folder for the old device to the new device. This will cause corruption in the settings for the new device thus causing erratic behavior of the new device.

    There are a couple ways to transfer the data from the old Treo to the new one.

    Go to In the search box in the upper right corner, enter the following article ID number 12926.

    To backup your Treo when you are on the road, you can use a program like nvbackup to save your data on an SD card.

    Install the program on an SD card that is compatible with your Treo, and run the backup program to save the data to the card.

    For the support page for your Treo, when you are on, click on support, select view all devices, select Treo, select your carrier and then you will be on the main support page for your Treo.

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