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    Just purchased Plantronics 855 headset so that I could listen to pTunes over bluetooth, A2DP. I am using 755p on Sprint.

    Now, having all sorts of wierd connection issues. Intially, Treo was intermittently resetting after switching between calls and listening to the audio. Downloaded the 1.08 update, and the number of resets decreased, but still having issues and some resets.

    Now, on the phone screen sometimes the bluetooth icon displays a solid blue background, other times it displays white background. Sometimes I see the "headset/headphone" icon in the location of the bluetooth icon. Sometimes I can see the headset/headphone icon but the headset does not send or receive calls or receive audio.

    Previously, I was using a motorola BT mono headset, and usually I would see the headset/headphone icon when the headset was turned on. The motorola unit works nicely for calls, but is not A2DP compliant.

    I am hoping for any constructive suggestions as to what to try before I give up and send the headset back and forget about ever listening to downloaded books, podcasts, etc. over BT on the 755.
  2.    #2 issue resolved, thanks to my ignorance. The Plantronics 855 headset has a mute button, so when I can/could see the headset and could not hear the call, it was muted. doh. (helps to read the instructions).

    As for the other issue(s), ie., losing audio stream to headset, I am still having intermittent problems with that. Any helpful advice would be appreciated.

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