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    My "3" button on the keyboard is either sticking or very sensitive. When I press and hold for speed dial it goes 333333... or if I try to type in a password that contains a 3 it displays it two or three times. This is only a problem with the 3 button. Anyone have anything similar to this happen to their phone?
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    The old 7135 used to have a similar problem for people who put their phone in their pocket. Pocket lint used to collect around the keys causing them to stick. Some reported compressed air (gently) would clean out the lint and restore functionality. Otherwise, dis-assembly was the only answer.

    Good Luck.

    Dean Wormer
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    I used to have this experience on the 650. I would drop it and it would invariably fall on the bottom end. one of the bottom digits would stick because the case holes had been compressed. My bet is the case whole surrounding the three requires adjustment.
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    The compressed air worked. Thanks guys.

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