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    My treo 680 isn't working right and so I went back to my 650 and now I have an 8gb card with 16 movies on it and a 4gb with 7 movies on it. and are no use to me right now. I would like to them for ( 4 ) 2gb cards. Cause I can use 2gb cards in my treo 650 then I can put the movies on the cards to watch in my 650. I could even erase the cards if you like or leave the movies on the cards. The movies play great with TCPMP and they are:
    1. Cartoons
    2. Bad Boys 2
    3. Fast & the Furious
    4. Gone in 60 seconds
    5. Replacement Killers
    6. Rush Hour
    7. Rush Hour 2
    8. Shocking Clips
    9. Stealth
    10.SVU (Law & Order )
    12.Terminator 3
    14.Top Gun
    15.Triple X
    16.Vertical limit
    and about 70 music tracks and still has 0ver 1501mb free
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    Ronnie, you know you can get a really cheap 680 on ebay these days....going backwards and re-obtaining already obsolete technology can't be a good thing. You can now get 16gb cards cheap too--but you won't be able to use 'em with a Treo 650.
    If it doesn't have a slot for SDHC--I don't want it. Period.
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    Thanks for the advice, but I just found out I am getting an upgrade today so I can just get a new phone and since the Treo pro is out, I'll make out okay.

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