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    My phone will not turn on. The power turns on, the Palm OS loads and I get to the dailpad. But it lists "Phone Off." When I tell it to turn on I get the Sprint Welcome screen for about a minute and then it goes back to the dialpad with Phone Off.

    Phone worked fine yesterday. I put it down on my desk. Happened to look at the screen at some point and it said the phone was off so I told it to turn on and put it back down. A few hours later I looked at it again and it still said phone off. I've done soft resets, hard resets, and I even downloaded and installed the latest patch (I had 1.07 now I have 1.08).

    I have had my phone for nearly 2 years. Never had any problems.
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    I'd call Sprint and see if they can fix it from their end.
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    or get a new provider because sprint sux0rz
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    holy de ja vu. That is the same thing that happened to my 755p a few days ago. It was working fine, outside of the occasional resets etc. One minute I made a call, then when I went to turn it back on, the screen was black. Tried to take the battery out and reset it, like many times before, but nothing. I was able to power up with it plugged into the charger, but when I pulled the plug, the screen went dead. LIke the OP, when I was able to get to the dial pad, it said phone off, and I pressed the power button to turn the phone on, but would always go back to phone off. I called tech support and they tried to hard reset, but nothing happened, they told me it was "fried" for some unknown reason. I brought it to a sprint repair and they were pretty much clueless too. I would cost me $120 to get a refurbished 755p with a 30 day warranty, I was about to do this but decided to give sprint retentions a call and see what they could do. First call was fruitless, they told me I was only 1 year into the contract and was not eligible for upgrade discount, for some reason, my landline cut off the call. I called again and said I got disconnected, and told them what happened and much to my surprise, they offered me an upgrade discount. Long story short, I decided to get the palm pro.

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